Prayer Room

June 7th – Prayer Request

June 7, 2016

Please pray for Gino who is struggling in his marriage and is currently jobless. Pray that God would draw Gino and his wife together and that he would be able to find steady employment. Please pray for Nancy who has a strained relationship with a non-believer. Pray that God would guide her and that Gods name would be glorified. Pray that Steve’s faith would be strengthened and that he would continue walking with God. Pray also Steve and his fiancés relationship would be centered on the Lord. Pray for Marcy who has been in a deep depression. Pray that she would be comforted in her time of need and that she would be able to find a steady job that will meet the needs of her family. Pray for Brandan and his wife who are both out of work. Pray that God would provide for them and that their walk would be strengthened during this time.

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