Fall Newsletter

December 1, 2016

Dear Friends,

We want to keep you updated on our activities by mail, email, and internet God has blessed us with so many opportunities to bring HIS WORD during these perilous times. We are truly grateful for the ministries with which HE has entrusted us.

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As we review our years, we are struck by how unconditional and how limitless is God’s love for His people. Looking back to Bethel in Lodz, Poland, where over 500 congregants and children perished, then ahead to today, when, just at Bethel Haifa we have over 500 people impacted by our various ministries, including 300 in our men’s discipleship program, we so clearly see God’s endless loving hand upon AEBM from its beginning at the end of the 19th century to today.

For our FOOD & CARE FOR THE NEEDY 2017 project we have enclosed an information card. Please pray for these matters. I am so greatly burdened by the refugee situations in the Middle East and the horrors in the Ukraine. God is calling HIS church to pray and have open hearts for these immense needs. The chief Rabbi in Jerusalem communicated recently that he views Syria as another holocaust.


• Preached in Amman, Jordan to 800 refugees.
• Ministered to Messianic congregations in Seattle.
• AEBM Annual Meeting – new members, Ernesto Sanchez, Jared Beck, Conor Berry were elected.
• Pastor Jamal from Jordan in SB for lecture series.
• Ministered in Israel at Bethel/Haifa & baptism.
• Ministered at B.A.S.E. in Frankfurt, Germany.
• Traveled to Tennessee with Joseph Bondarenko for annual CSM pastors conference.
• Traveled to Korea & preached at Calvary Seoul.
• Traveled to Gleanings in central California for partnership.
• Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors Conference.
• Ministered at B. A. S. E. Cologne – Cathedral Steps Outreach. B. A. S. E. Annual meeting.
• Ministires in Israel & Bethel Annual meeting.
• Israel Tour 2016 with CCSM – My 48th tour.

I continue to teach, preach and minister daily in numerous areas around the USA. We are developing a new Youth & Tour Israel using Haifa, as well as ministry partnerships with B.A.S.E. in Israel. I am so thankful for each and every prayer and supporter which has allowed us to realize the Lord’s calling beyond our dreams.

Love for HIM,  Pastor Jim

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