Bethel Hostel

Bethel Hostel is a Christian hostel located in Israel, in the middle of the bustling city of Haifa in the German Colony. It is nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the Carmel Mountains. The hostel offers affordable accommodations and facilities for Christian groups and individuals who love Israel, need a retreat, or just a simple place to stay with good value for their money.

Bethel Hostel also serves as a place of local worship, discipleship training, and recovery ministry; the building in danger is the very building that has been used to help save the lives of over one-hundred-fifty men who were once drug-addicts and alcoholics, but are now off the street and serving Christ. It is our mission to save this building, so we can continue to reach out to the destitute and share with them the love of Christ. Please consider making a donation to this project.

Contact Information:

Maxim & Karina
“Bethel Mission” Director
Tel: 972-50-7481789
Tel: 972-50-3481780